spanish for Foreigners


Spanish for Foreigners


From experience living and teaching languages I often find that non-spanish speakers find it difficult to practice their Spanish as most places you go to speak English.

As such, it can be embarrassing when you start to converse in Spanish and they answer in English! My courses/lessons, help you get over this. I start with the basics, and the foundation of each language, which is learning how to properly pronounce each letter of the alphabet before we move on.  Then we learn about the special Spanish sounds, such as the ñ ,the ll, the termination in ción and so on.

Within the first and second class you will be able to say the normal Greetings in Spanish and some common phrases.

I concentrate on topics such as “going shopping”, “going to the doctor”, ” ordering food in a restaurant” and many more practical topics which you will certainly need if you are living or just here on holiday.

Verbs will obviously be learnt, and grammar but this is done in a subtle way and in a fun way using videos, “Role-Play” and games.

Depending whether it is an individual or group lesson you will enjoy coming to the classes.  If you have any specific areas or topics you need to expand on or improve, I am flexible and will work around your needs and time frame…

And finally, if you have a business and need  documents translated into Spanish for internal use, I also offer this service.

For more information WhatsApp me on +34 654480194