At Crafts with Cristina Mota you will find your creativity, improve your health and have fun!

You will also learn how to unleash the create side of your brain, meet like-minded people and delve into your intuitivity you may not know you had.


So why should you come to my courses?

People come to my courses because they trust, like, feel comfortable in my lessons. I have been told that I have a calm, gentle, kind energy which makes first-time students more at ease. I am a great host and always make people welcome.

I love teaching, perhaps because at school I wasn´t a good student, because I didnºt find the lessons interesting. I have learnt what students are scared of and I put it into practice whenever Im giving lessons or Courses. I have over 30 years Design Experience, having taught in Portugal, the USA, and Spain.

My ease for languages also helps communication and builds a link between myself and anyone wanting to learn how to draw a Mandala, perhaps paint in a Cubist style or even make Paper Mache sculptures.


What Courses do I teach?

My courses are varied. I teach people about Mandalas, their history and how you can design and paint your own Mandala. I have Painting courses that are held in my place, we do Paper Mache courses, where you will learn the technique and make a mould from something you have or make your own sculpture, easter bunny or decoration.

If you live in the Costa del Sol, and would like to Learn to use a  Sewing Machine from scratch, I hold 121 lessons and VIP days where you come with an idea of what you want to make and I will assist and help you achieve your goal.

And my latest course, which has been created as a result of your requests, is my “Portuguese Cooking Course”.

How much are the courses?

As for most of the courses I  have different options to cater for your needs.

If you like to learn within a group, I have group courses that take place on Fridays, and they are usually held in my place, where I have ample outdoor and indoor  well ventilated space,


  • Group Lessons/ Courses;depending on the event from 25€/pp per lesson. Courses tend to consist of 4 lessons, around 2 to hours each lesson.


  • 121 if you prefer a more private course I have this option available. *Price given according to needs, time scale etc. 


  • VIP days are made up of a full day with me. Where you will get full 121 attention to develop your Design/ Painting or Project


  • Special Events If you are a business owner and would like to organize an event to “Motivate”, “Boost  your Creative side”, or even a “Thank You” gift, I create bespoke events according to your requirements. Just give me a call or drop me a line and I will ecplain in more detail how we can make your idea work, and brainstorm ideas for your Big Day.


  • I have Gift Vouchers too, starting from 30€


Courses can be both online or ………….