Knowledge Pavillion, Expo, Lisbon

This Event was done for the Knowledge Pavillion, Expo, Lisbon. It was an IT Event promoted by the Ministry of Education to show how all the schools in Portugal were connected via internet.

The Brief: was to design, produce and deliver, Furniture for all the event, Design, tables, chairs, lighting and for the outside create something eyecatching where the programme of the event were to be displayed.




Our proposal: After visiting the site several times, and due to the short time for delivering the project, we designed and delivered a 5m x 3m computer screen, as seen on the photos, where the poster with all the events occuring were posted.

The mouse, had wheels, so children could sit on it and a blue led light underneath.

To indicate the entrance to the Pavillion we designed and printed mouse prints which were placed on the exterior floor all the way up the ramp until the entrance door.

3000 visitors attended this event. The tables had this shape as the hexagon is a shape which forms part of the Knowledge Pavillions logo. The same applies to the colours used here. Apart from all the furtniture you can see on the photos, we had to design the graphics for 15 posters measuring, 2,5m x 1,5m, which had all the information regarding the different entities that the Ministry of Education was promoting.

Event posters

Stand for Azambuja County Council

The Brief: To design, and produce a modular stand which the County Council could use in various events. It had to be flat packed and take up as little space (volume) as possible.

Our Proposal: We came up with a solution which envolved metal profiles, which were made especially for the client. these had a curved form not only to give impact to the stand but they were ergonomically designed so that the curved part was at eye level, for better legibility. The inner pannels are all modular, and can be printed on both sides and moved around from Stand to Stand.

The modules may also be displayed in various configurations.

Stand Azam