Mirjam Stolk is a Dutch Sign Language Interpreter

Mirjam Stolk dutch sign language interpreter

After finishing her VWO diploma in 2001, she decided to study to become an NGT interpreter.  She graduated in 2005 and has, since then, been working independently as a recognized NGT interpreter.

But Mirjam Stolk is no ordinary Dutch Sign Language Interpreter, she is also a Music Interpreter. So what is a Music interpreter, you may ask? Well, according to Mirjam, “When interpreting music, you dont just interpret the lyrics, but also the music is visualized. By gesturing rhythmically and poetically as well as using mimicry and body movements, the atmosphere of a song can be represented.

It is a very dynamic form of interpreting that moves towards dance. It is therefore also called signdancing”.

In 2015, Mirjam and two other colleagues, Hanneke de Raaff and Rosanna Demkes set up “Harmony” and three years later launched their website, www.muziektolken.nl. This website has vital information all about music interpreters, music in addition, it includes a database of music interpreters throughout the Netherlands.

Their idea behind this database is to contribute to the promotion and quality of music interpreters in Holland moreover to facilitate  finding a music interpreter.

With this in mind, I leave you with a Christmas song! Wishing you all an Inclusive Festive season!





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