Inclusive music for people with hearing impairments

Spanish singer Rozalén makes her music inclusive to the deaf

Singer Rozalén and Beatriz Romero burst into stage every time they perform in a concert hall or theater. Rozalén is a Spanish singer who has started to perform with  Beatriz Romero, a specialist in interpretation of sign language and interpretation guide of deaf-blind people in order that the deaf can enjoy her music.

There are people who cannot live without music, without that dose of company or disconnection. Some hum the songs while they drive, others defy in the shower. Many can´t  leave home without their headphones or some find out before anyone else the latest hit fashion. But not everyone can enjoy this art. In an exercise of empathy, it is difficult to put yourself in the place of a person who cannot feel those stimuli that enter through the ears as is the case of the deaf. Although it is true that individuals with this sensory disability perceive the vibrations generated by music.

Many have worried about bringing the rhythm and lyrics to the deaf. In Spain, singer-songwriter Rozalén has made it possible. To be precise, Rozalén and Beatriz Romero, a sign language interpreter, both equally talented together create inclusive music for the deaf.

Beatriz Romero translates the words of the Albacete artist, Rozalén dramatizes them with her face and communicates them to the public with hearing problems. But not only that, she also conveys feelings to both the deaf and non-deaf listeners. As a consequence,  a concert becomes a barrier-free experience where joy is the most common reaction of the public.

She began composing songs at age 14, always moved by social criticism, and gave her first concert as a singer having just turned 16 at the festival “Operation Bocata” Albacete. Since that time he has not stopped composing nor acting.

She has always been willing to offer her voice and songs to any charity or ideological act. María Rozalén has been interviewed and has acted on multiple occasions on local and regional television as well as on various radio stations. She has had the privilege of acting several times on stages such as the Romea Theater and the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia or the “Circo” Theater of Albacete.

Rozalén studied Psychology at the University of Murcia and has a master’s degree in Music Therapy.

She also has experience in music therapy with Parkinson’s and groups of people at risk of social exclusion. In all her concerts she is accompanied by Beatriz Romero (a specialist in interpretation of sign language and interpretation guide for deaf-blind people), creating a show that is has great success in all the places where she is represented, with a mixture of listeners and deaf people in a concert prepared to be understood in other countries with specific connotations of the sign language of each country. In this way, her music is addressed to everyone without exclusions.
An example of this great work can be seen reflected in the video clip of your theme “80 veces”.

Some of the NGOs and associations with which she has collaborated are Plan Internacional,  Spanish Association Against Cancer and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Rozalén and Beatriz are fine examples of Artists breaking barriers and taking their skills to another level. They always dress in black furthermore, the black background is not a minimalistic prop, but to avoid “noise” which distracts hearing impaired people from reading sign language. The well lit faces facilitate their audience from reading sign language as it enhances facial expressions.

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