Logo Design for 2020

I have a lot of experience and know-how. No matter what type of company you may have, whether it’s services or sales, I will research your competition and design a logo that stands out among the others. Your company needs to be recognized in the market, has to have the right colors and typeface (Font), and the perfect Styling, with these 3 things, you will have a logo that will not go out of style.

Phases of work

Here, I will explain a little about some of the Logos that I have created, the logo for the AquaDreams Swimming Pool Maintenance Company. Being a company that controls the pH of water, I have chosen the color blue, which represents “Sincerity, Constancy and Health”. Here you can see some logo ideas that I have presented and in the end the client liked the last one (AquaDreams Marbella) with the big wave. When the client chooses the idea he likes best, I return to the computer to develop it further. For example I start using it for business cards to see its legibility in small and large sizes, and how it would look in black and white, in case of a photocopy. All these details are important so that no information is lost.

In this example for the logo for the Ballestera Productions, a new Theater and Cinema Production company that have been winning short film awards for the past few years. They needed a logo to take the company to another level so I was called  to do this.  “Ballestera”, is the name of a Crossbow, and also the name of the country house where the main actor grew up in. They wanted it to be the central point of the logo, so I used the Crossbow as the “B” for the name. Below you can see the development of this logo, the Font used in the final design is the one used on the last logo.


Logotipo La Ballestera Producciones


A client asked me to create a logo for a new Internet Box called “Glory” which provided internet at a very high speed and at a very competitive price. I had to Design the logo and its package, so the design of the box was as important if not more, as it is the first contact the customer has with the product.

The company guaranteed that when acquiring its services you would have an image on television much richer in colors than its competitors, so I used a sphere with a very bright mass of color as the essence of the logo and the Font (typeface) very fine and simple. The black background of the box is to give the “look” of Luxury.

Note that the box design here is just a draft, the images are not cut out properly, it was merely to show the client a possible layout and see if all the vital information was there.

So if you would like to discuss your ideas or queries about updating your existing logo or a Design of a new flyer, brochure or any Graphic work, do get in touch.