I am often asked to design a new logo for a company or update an existing logo and I thought it would be the ideal time to discuss the importance of a logo.

First and formost a logo is the first impression you give of your business, so its is vital that the image that it portrays is in syncronisation with the values, mission and identity of your business.

The logo design we were asked to design for Aquadreams, was for a young company that provided pool maintenance services in Marbella. The client wanted the colour blue incorporated, and we agreed as according to the psychology of colour  blue is a color of trust, peace, order and loyalty, the ideal traits for any service provider.

In the designs below you will see the first ideas which evolved around cleaning pools, as initially I thought it may be best to have an image that said what they did, so I designed several logos with someone cleaning the pool, using light greys and two tones of blue.

The font that I chose is a very simple, modern typeset, it is very clear to read even when the logo is reduced to its maximum, this is something to take into consideration as your logo will be used in all formats, on the web, on products, vehicles, and many more. It has to be legible both in big as well as tiny. The ideas of the logo with the pool in it with a maintenance person just did not work when we had to reduce the size, the rectangular pool took too much space, so when we reduced it more, the Aquadreams name became too small to read so this idea os put to one side.

Another idea was to use “waves” to look like an “M” for Marbella and the “m” in Aquadreams, however even though  the idea wasnt a bad one in practice it did not work well. So I decided to keep the company name totally separate from the image, and the result I think you will agree is somewhat more powerful.


Do you have a logo that you dont like anymore or need updating?  Send us your logo and I will give free consultation to the first 3 sent.

The next post will be about designing business cards.





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